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Think & Participate




"Think Globally & Participate"

"You have got to be believed to be heard!"

Instructor Information : Challenging, Thought Provoking, Stimulating & Exciting

Professor Mucci's Class Objectives:::::::> 1. Create Competence in the Learning Outcomes, 2. Have Student's Feel Valued, 3. Have Student's Feel Hopeful about and Connected with their Future

Prof Mucci

Respect Based Management

70 vs ??

Student Feedback

Educating Students for the Evolving Economy



The Global Entrepreneur

Taking Your Business International 3rd Edition

James F. Foley

ISBN 978-0-9753153-1-6


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Each week will cover both basic material for a 100 course & more advanced material for students looking for additional challenges.



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This course offers an introduction to the global business macro-environment and orients students toward a career in the field of international business. Topics covered include economic variables, cultural differences, political risk, regional trade agreements, foreign direct investment, and exchange rates.

Coca Cola



Class 1 (1-2)

"Think Globally & Participate"




LBCC Business Dept


" The most important thing a company can do is hire the smartest people possible then give them the resources to transform their ideas into reality." Bill Gates



How many Psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb?

A1: Student Survey: (1) What do you want to get from this class? (2) How can the instructor help you meet your expectations? (3) What excercises do you find most productive? (4) What inspires you to return to class & participate?

A2: What are the benefits of expanding globally?


Video Library

Sir Ken Robinson Creativity

Student Feedback





Class 2 (3-4)

"Going Global"







Read Chapters 1 & 2

A3: What negative effect can globalization have on labor cost and labor standars?:

A4: What is a citizen's global responsibilty?


What the 1% doesn't want you to know

Class 3 (5)

"Going Global"


Read Chapters 1 & 2

A5: Should the USA invoke higher import tariffs to protect higher cost lower skilled US labor? Explain.



Class 4 (6)

"Going Global"


Read Chapters 1 & 2

A6: What are benefits of Trade Agreements?


Class 5 (7-8)

Foreign Markets & Data



Read Chapters 5 & 6

A7: Define the global strategic planning process

A8: What is a trade mission?




Class 6 (9)

Foreign Markets & Data



Read Chapters 5 & 6


A9: What is a trade mission?



Class 7 (10)

International Cultures, Products & Pricing


MacDonald’s Index

Read Chapters 10 & 11

A10: In doing business, what critical knowledge should someone have about your culture?






Class 8 (11-12)

International Cultures, Products & Pricing




Read Chapters 10 & 11

A11: Describe a personal cultural business experience

A12: Describe the relationship between US Currency and the currency of your partner country.



Class 9 (13)

Foreign Market Entry & Logistics




Read Chapters 7 & 14


A13: Explain the easiest way to enter the global marketplace.

Entering Port

Class 10 (14)

Foreign Market Entry & Logistics


Read Chapters 7 & 14

A14: How would you create a highly reliable cost effective international logistics advantage




Class 11 (15-16)

Technology and Process Change




Read Chapters 21 & 22


A15: Explain how technology is changing global trade.

A16: Explain how you would manage a multi cultural business process.



Class 12 (17)

Technology and Process Change




Read Chapters 21 & 22


A17: What pace should you set for international growth and why?



Class 13 (18)

International Marketing

"In every instance, we found that the best-run companies
stay as close to their customers as humanly possible." Tom Peters


Read Chapters 18, 19 & 20


A18: List options for multiple international sales channels

Class 14 (19-20)

International Marketing


Read Chapters 18, 19 & 20


A19: List several promotional tactics for international products/services.




Class 15 (21)

International Marketing




Read Chapters 18, 19 & 20


A20: Explain logistics role in satisfying international customers.



Class 16 (22-23-24)

Bringing it all Together

Test 4 Final