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  • Provide Interim Executive Management
  • Establish or Rejuvenate Public Service Organizations
  • Assist Strategy Development, Initial Structural and Process Implementation
  • Test, Mentor and Supplement Enterprise Management
  • Place non-critical Functions External to Business Unit
  • Rejuvenate and Place non-aligned Product Lines


  • Create "Sustainable" Business for increasing Asset Utilization
  • Implement introduction of profitable new services to existing customers
  • Develop and Execute a revenue growth plan for expanding markets
  • Identify, value and penetrate new markets with current capabilities


  • Remote Vessel & Terminal Operations
  • Vessel stability and navigational tools
  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • Security Assessments
  • Implement a "Market Based Work Process"



  • Security Assessments of facilities, personnel and technical infrastructure


  • Provide interim Executive Management to implement a new strategy or product, facilitate a planned transition or to create of a willingness to adapt, a concern for the product and a spirit of enterprise


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